The Fashionable Plant Wall

19 October 2011

I can't quite believe it's taken me until now to stumble into the Anthropologie on Regents Street. I was amazed by the high level of store design which has gone into creating the London flagship store. This included an entire wall of living plants, which weirdly enough, enlightened the mood of the store making it a breath of fresh air to shop within.

This 200 sq.m living wall, contain 14 different types of plant and contrasts beautifully with the heavily industrial looking staircase. The wall was conceived as a whimsical vision of plaid fabric and creates a dynamic connection among three levels, it is also sustainable and kept alive by rain water drained down from the roof of the building!

If you haven't visited the store in Regents Street yet.. it's must see!


  1. I havent visited it yet, but looking at those pictures I guess I have to soon.
    Have a look at my blog and if you like it then why dont we follow each others?

  2. I simply love this store, Took me ages to visit it and I honestly wish I hadn't left it so long! The homeware is amazing!

    Clare x


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