Debut Post!

31 August 2011

Well hello to my very first post! I'm treating this blog more as a life visual journal... a kind of digital version of what I used to do at art school. Colating things that inspire me whether it be what someone is wearing, new designer, new shoes or whatever.

At the moment I'm customizing the legendary I LOVE NY t-shirts I picked up a week ago when I was there. Tell me something though.. why is New York the only city that can get away with those t-shirts being cool! -the I Love London t-shirts just really don't cut it in comparison!


Although most Stalkers like to be anonymous, I thought I would fill you in on what makes this little style stalker tick....!

Hi, I'm Ali

In one line I’d sum myself up as Style Magpie, attracted to anything stylishly shiny and unique!

After starting to work in the fashion industry for one of the biggest British luxury brands, I decided to start the blog, as a visual journal. I launched this by documenting what people wore inside my workplace and developed it to where it is now. Nowadays I’m working with big and emerging fashion brands, documenting their thoughts on their style through a series of Street Style interviews. 

What I love and hate:

Love: Skulls, Rock music, crazy unique fashion, British brands, super-cars and coffee!

Hate: Men wearing Ugg boots!!!

Come and join me on my journey!!

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